My life in Pictures....Collage Style

Ok officially & unofficially I am addddddicted to making collages w pics... Using Pic Stitch & Photo Wall Apps as well as Photo Studio & of course Instagram!!! Gush how I luv my iPhone & iPad!

Is it really Saturday already?! Huh? How'd that happen?

Checklist of stuff DOne!!!!!!

-Blog Makeover from Monica of The First Lime Blog
(don't ya luv luv that name?!) me luv luv's it!!!!
-Started work on Website w Monica @ helm w Web Header!
-Shop Redo (Etsy) thanks again to Monica!!! Sunshine Bliss Studio Shoppe
-four new organic nature inspired Yoga Wrap Bracelets
-New earring designs
-Simple Nature inspired Necklace luv Designs
-Pink Glittery Toe Nails
-Started new Etsy Stats Program
-Purchased domain name for new website Sunshine Bliss Studio
-Connected w Jennifer of IndieMade!
-Advertised on Easily Dunn Blog (doing giveaway next week!)
-Working on design for The First Lime Blog for giveaway!
-Ordered more Be the change you wish to see Custom designed Charms
-Lost 12 pounds!
-Worked out on Malibu Pilates 5 x this week
-Meditated 4x week
- Got our Laptop back w new memory, battery, hard drive, tune up & it's incredible now!
Most importantly? I'm free to be & luv my life!

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