Vintage Luv Luv

My weekly series of Vintage yum yum's I find on Etsy!

1. Vintage Wooden 70's Serving Set
I could see this on our table for Thanksgiving!

2.Seventeen Vintage Make it Mag
I think I had this as a kid! Has some kewl fun projects I'd do today!

3.Pretty Blue Vintage Afghan Luv
Luv these colours!!!

4.Vintage Hippie Patchwork Skirt Pattern
Luv the patchwork skirt pattern! Beautiful 4 the Holidays!!!!!

5.Vintage Brass International Language for good luck pendant
I can see this on a long long long brass rollo & rhinestone chain dangly sweetly!

6.70's Equestrian British Leather Boots
This should be my go to boots this winter season in Florida!

7.Liddle Kiddle Charm Necklace 70's by Mattel
Next to Mrs. Beasley this was my fav childhood "toy"!!


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