November Summer Days

Seriously! OMGosh already? Nov.... Amazing!!

In Satellite Beach it's Eternal Summer!!! Hot Caliente weather today!

Here's the view on my way to work...

It's as close to beach as I got today!

So many new designs, goodies to work with! I'm groovin on silver chain, dangleyish fire polished glass beads in Autumn colours, and earring designs of pure yum yum... Pics to come...

Tony made me some yummy organic cacao, coconut & vanilla pudding!! It was so beyond yummy! He did top it off w organic whipped cream (we rarely do dairy like ever!)

Can u see Zen Zen in the background drooling for taste! No we don't give the Grrls sweets!

Ok big news Them Changes..........

Moving forward getting myself Furthur out there like the Bus Ken Kesey had!!!

I'm finally advertising on few choice blogs!!!!!!!

I'll be doing giveaways too...

And I am getting a website together too....

***************Advertising on....

-Freckled Nest Blog

LA's Blog

-The Perfect Pair Blog


-Scenic Glory Blog


-Easily Dunn Blog


********New Website (ok not ready yet!)

THANKS to IndieMade Jennifer will hook u up & she's incredible!

Easy Peasy, super helpful & very reasonable! Plus 30 days Free!!

Big Craft Star Luv to them!!!

Websites for Artisans!

Jennifer Founder of IndieMade! She'll rock your website world!

Seems like Novembers rolling in with some thunder!

In our neck of the world it's still Summertime! Ah how lovely to live by the Seashore in Fla this time of year!


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