Bohemian Beach Lifestyle on da Fly

Ok when I looked up Bohemian this is what I found: Bohemian (boho—informal) is defined in The American College Dictionary as
1. A person with artistic
2. & intellectual tendencies
3. Lives and acts with no regard for conventional rules of behavior."

1. I luv luv being cre8tiv check
2. I enjoy intellectual banter & reading check
3. Well I'm a minimalist, spiritually lead, veg head grrl so maybe that qualifies?

I think I've got the Beach Lifestyle down...
-My backyard is da beach
-I go there weekly
-Meditate on the seashore
-Am a Sheller
-Own mostly flip flops
-Go to the mainland as little as possible

Lately I've been feeling more like a cog in the machine... I've been so focused on getting my 100 pieces of Artisan Jewelry goal finished, and working daily as Private Duty Health Aide that I've lost sight of me & who I am, what I believe & represent.

I'm that Boho Beach Grrl who's natural high is cre8ting, sharing, smiling sunshine..
I can redefine myself anytime... But I probably won't, this label fits me snuggly & looks good on me...

I guess comin home to Florida has helped me to rediscover who I am in my core. Just a Fla beach grrl w Boho tendencies!

BTW the beach was beautiful today! Warm, sunny & breezy!

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