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Thought I'd post some fun fun 70's Vintage Art designs from my Pinterest Account!
Do u remember in the 60-70's the major Cola/UnCola war? I kinda do! Here's a fun look at that time!

Follow me, I'll Follow you! Pinterest Luv Luv!
Sunshine Bliss on Pinterest

I originally found this on I blog I follow: Vintage Everyday

See if you remember any of these (hmmm if ur old enuff!)

Luv the Sun in the background (of course!)

All we need is un un, all we need is UN!

Peter Max inspired? Luv luv!

This is gorgeous! IMHO!

Funny cute relevant!

I always luv luv'd this type of art! 70's luv!

More Sunshine Bliss! Hehe!

Peter Max Style Luv!

I remember this ad vaguely!

Too kewl...


Wow mind blowing design man!

Luv LUV this! Beautiful!

Cute or what?!


Remember this slogan?!

I was a pepsi & a&w root beer grrl growing up in 70's! I actually haven't touched the stuff in a bizzillion years!
I so luv the 70's! I'm so blessed that was my growing up era!!!!

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