Saturday, December 31, 2011

What happened in 2011?

What we accomplished this year

-go my VW Red Bug
-celebrated 12 years of recovery
-got a iPad
-moved back to Fla
-moved into Apt across street from beach (we even have little view of beach!)
-went to school to be a HHA
-worked for a agency for 6 months
-had lots of beach dates!
-learned how to design leather wrap bracelets
-Fine tuned my pic taking skills!
-got over 400 followers on Twitter
-came addicted to Instagram
-another addiction Pinterest
-snagged a Pilates Malibu chair
-started doing manifestation meditation few times week
-committed to 100 pieces of jewelry design challenge (took 3 months)
-found new client on my own became Self Employed
-had blog & brand redo
-started Gerson Therapy
-started sponsoring blogs
-lost 12 pounds
-started weekly blog posts
-did lots of Holiday DIY's
-made advent tree
-celebrated 9 yrs of a adventure called marriage
-committed to being more serious w my Etsy Bizz
-did quite a few giveaways
-had some fun weekends away w hubby
-started juicing more
-connected w other bloggers & new friends
-reconnected w my father, his wife, my youngest brother & his Fam, and my mom
-reconnected w Tony's Niece & SIL
-enjoyed another year w karma & zen zen
-enjoyed our blessings amidst some real trials!
-Tony the Gourmet Organic had time to create & bake for us!
-scored vintage for my wardrobe TY Etsy

I know theirs more stuff! But I think that's enuff!
Now for 2012!!


Glittery Sandals Quick NYE DIY

I'm all about Glitter, Easy & Cute!
This DIY is all of these!

1. I used my Sam Edelman GiGi Color Sandals! Remember I live in Florida & we wear sandals year round!

2. Mod Podge (my go to supply!)
3. Recollections Gold Glitter
4. Tiny foam brush
5. Paper for under glitter to funnel back in.

5. Lay out paper, plastic, etc. Let's face it Glitter is yummy but not everywhere!

6.Using foam brush paint thin layer of Mod Podge on the straps or wherever u want GLITTER!

7. let it dry, a hour or so, then another layer of Mod

8. Now's the fun part sprinkle (heavy) the glitter of your choice right after the Mod Podge is applied! I have paper underneath the Glitter & use it as a funnel to put the glitter back in bottle!

9. Let dry overnite!

That's it! You can of course put another coat of Mod Podge as a top layer!

I now have gold sandals! I already own Sam Edelman Silver GiGi Sandals!

Perfect for a Minimalist Fastanista!

Ok go out & rock ur NYE's!


May all your dreams come true!

Big, little & in-between! May you have the bestest year ever!
Luv Luv


Last Day 2011 Beach Day!

This is how my day began.....

Being told by Mr. Tony "Shanti you badly need a Beach Day!" I'm wearing hubby's Geoffrey Beene PJ's sitting in the sun on our very large balcony!

Fast forward 2 hours & we walk across the street (200 yards), to the glorious, luminous, shining every so brightly beach!!! It was 77 degrees & awesome beach weather! The ocean was flat & had a striking resemblance to the Gulf of Mexio! I was swooning! My heart skipped a bit, I had a permanent smile! The shells were cr8zy! I mean eat your heart out Sanibel! It was a Sheller's Paradise!

Karma & Zen came to play! Tony ran & played! I walked & hand picked shells (gifts I include w every purchase for my lovely clients!) so w/o further ado.... The last day of 2011 A incredibly warm & sunny beach day!

Were blessed beyond belief to live in our own little tropical oasis!
May you have all your dreams come true w fairy dust & glittery dreams!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yes I do luv Jewelry! TY Very Much!

And not just my gorgeous jewelry (if I do say so myself!) hubby got me some beautiful real & costume jewelry!
He so knows me!

First up i received a incredibly dainty & sweet white gold chain w precious little white gold balls! The chain really sparkles! I luv dainty necklaces! It was given to me to go w the white gold & channel set diamond heart I got 4 my 9th anniversary a few weeks earlier! The chain that came w it was just way to thin & we were worried it may break!

I also got for Christmas a pair of gorgeous white gold earrings w three diamonds on each earring! Their light & dangly & gre8t 4 everyday!

I luv that hubby went all over town to find the perfect chain & earrings! And since he hand picked them how can I not luv luv them! He's a diamond himself!!!!!

Now I get to show u'all the costume jewelry piece he let me pick out online & he paid for it!
It's from Jewelmint.
Let me preface this by saying: I'm not huge on latest trends or being part of what everyone else is doin as far as fashion, etc! I do my own thing TY Very Much! :-)

BUT I actually LIKEY some of Jewelmint's pieces! I know their mass produced, not OOAK and not Handmade! I get that! I do shop on Etsy 99% of the time when I buy something! So Jewelmint is a truly unique LIKEY for me!

I found a piece I would wear during Holidays, Valentines, our Anniversary, etc! It will be my go to piece to doll up my sparkly look!!!
It's a Art Deco piece in antique gold w Rhinestones. It's of course statement bracelet ( I adore bracelets!) and it's rather big & fits nicely! I've actually been wearing it w my new silky Japanese influenced pj's! It feels likey I've stepped back into 20's and need a curly bob to top the look off!

Also I really luv luv their presentation of the bracelet! Kewl box w ribbon, open it up & little card to tell u about the piece, then they also include a velvet drawstring bag to hold ur piece w Jewelmint stamped in glitter & a little silver-plated tag saying Jewelmint! Total class!

I'm going to rethink my packaging although it is quite nice & I don't have that kinda dough right now to invest in such gorgeous packaging it does make me realize more & more how important packaging is!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can live w/o new season clothing but give me jewelry everytime!

I believe Liz Taylor had right idea! She "trained" (ok he wanted too but I'm just sayin) Richard Burton to obtain the most beautiful Jewelry available @ that time for her...
And she adored it & him for doing it!
I'm off to watch Cleopatra where their incredible luv affair started!

The First Lime $25 Sunshine Bliss Studio Giveaway!

Monica (amazing artist/my blog designer & DIY Princess!) is doing a $25 giveaway on her blog The First Lime
It's a easy peasy giveaway! Just follow my blog, follow her on twitter & leave comment! I have over 20 items 1/2 price Sale going on so u could snag two sale pieces w this gift certificate!
Ok run on over & ck out Monica's blog! AMAZING STUFF!


Florida Winter Colorful Sunset

The weather is beautiful wish u were here!
Ck out this Indian River Sunset last nite!!

Come visit! Low 70's & Sunny!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Doris Mary Anne Kappelhoff Holiday Special (1971)

AKA The Doris Day Holiday Special

Wow! Me luv luv 70's fashions, sets, and yes Doris Day! This 1 hour special is full of incredible fashions, beautiful lush backgrounds & u get to meet Doris's doggies! Rock Hudson makes a cute appearance and Perry Como does some nice singing! He was very handsome!!

Doris goes thru over 20 different outfit changes in a kewl photo shoot... Amazing outfits & her energy is contagious! I'm thinking if you enjoy early 70's nostalgia & likey Doris Day watch this special!

Available thru Netflix DVD

PS I'm not going to get into all Doris Day's Problems, and believe me she had alot of reasons to be sad! She's my hero!!! But if you want to know more about her go here!


Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve & Day in a Instagram

Holidays in Florida this year included lots of sun, hot weather & summer attire! Christmas day was 81 degrees! Folx on Vacation here were @ beach getting sunburned!
Our holiday was restful, peaceful and uplifting.


Hope yours was lovely, magical & full of peace!


Saturday, December 24, 2011