200 Braids Black Friday Steal!

200 Braids to twist, knot, loop or weave by Jacqui Carey

Total Pass! Coil bound w amazing pictures, supply lists, details! Can you believe I (and I'm sure many others!) scored this for $5.38 w free ship! It is going to be my go to book for the next few months since I got in all that gorgeous hand dyed silk cord!!

Knotting some of my fav fav things to do! I use to have blog years ago called Knotty Grrl! We also had group of Grrls that meet (once I think) to macrame & crochet! I learned to Macrame from a elderly lady who owns a interesting bead store where we use to live.. Then in Cali I meet a Viking who showed me some more knots!

I learned to braid when I was kid & had long hair. I luv'd to braid my & other classmates hair! And I still do! Except my hair is shorter & I use braiding now in my jewelry designs!

Likey the projects in this section! I luv twisted cords, leather, etc. Looks yummy!

I'm most excited about this section! I don't know how to do loopwork & I'm eager beaver to learn!!!

Am I wetting ur appetite yet?

If so here's a $5 rebate for any Interweave Book in your locale Craft or book store!

And if you go to Joann's you can usually find on their iPhone App 40% off Coupon. And it's good on books, unless their on sale!

The above book retails or $27.95 if you get 40% off & do the above rebate your cost is $12 plus tax! I'm just sayinnnnnn...

Nice little Holiday present for yourself!


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