9 years of merry mayhem madness bliss chaos LUV!

Wow it's been 9 years of this Beautiful Chaotic Mess of Luv Luv! Translation our Wedding Anniversary...
I'm so blissed to have such a incredible man who luv's me!
Our journey has been gypsying & nomading from East Coast Florida Waves, to Turquoise Blue Florida Gulf Waters to West Coast Beaches of Cali. It hasn't been easy, but it's been real & full of passion.
Capricorn & Taurus Earth Signs who luv luv the Seashore & Beach living.
We've found ourselves at a nice steady flow, of sun & beach & dreams...
And our journey is worthy of a moment or two pause,,,, especially on December 9th.....
To honor, smile, giggle, get misty eyed & share gifts & yum yum's...
We did we will & we move toward ten years with renewed dreams & visions and hang on for the ride!

Lobster Tails Japanese Style & Shrimp Tempura! (hubby didn't want his pic taken!)

My Gifty....

White Gold & Channel Set Diamond Heart... Hubby knows I luv luv jewelry!

Special little treat hubby had them make for us!

Hubby got nice gifts too!!
We then went home & watched It's a Wonderful Life. My first time!

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