The Doris Mary Anne Kappelhoff Holiday Special (1971)

AKA The Doris Day Holiday Special

Wow! Me luv luv 70's fashions, sets, and yes Doris Day! This 1 hour special is full of incredible fashions, beautiful lush backgrounds & u get to meet Doris's doggies! Rock Hudson makes a cute appearance and Perry Como does some nice singing! He was very handsome!!

Doris goes thru over 20 different outfit changes in a kewl photo shoot... Amazing outfits & her energy is contagious! I'm thinking if you enjoy early 70's nostalgia & likey Doris Day watch this special!

Available thru Netflix DVD

PS I'm not going to get into all Doris Day's Problems, and believe me she had alot of reasons to be sad! She's my hero!!! But if you want to know more about her go here!


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