Glittery Sandals Quick NYE DIY

I'm all about Glitter, Easy & Cute!
This DIY is all of these!

1. I used my Sam Edelman GiGi Color Sandals! Remember I live in Florida & we wear sandals year round!

2. Mod Podge (my go to supply!)
3. Recollections Gold Glitter
4. Tiny foam brush
5. Paper for under glitter to funnel back in.

5. Lay out paper, plastic, etc. Let's face it Glitter is yummy but not everywhere!

6.Using foam brush paint thin layer of Mod Podge on the straps or wherever u want GLITTER!

7. let it dry, a hour or so, then another layer of Mod

8. Now's the fun part sprinkle (heavy) the glitter of your choice right after the Mod Podge is applied! I have paper underneath the Glitter & use it as a funnel to put the glitter back in bottle!

9. Let dry overnite!

That's it! You can of course put another coat of Mod Podge as a top layer!

I now have gold sandals! I already own Sam Edelman Silver GiGi Sandals!

Perfect for a Minimalist Fastanista!

Ok go out & rock ur NYE's!


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