My Life in a Instagram Holiday Luv

This past week I made a dreaded trek to our locale Melbourne Fla Mall! It was only my second visit in 6 months! Can u tell I'm Not a Mall person!! We went there for a mini shopping spree holiday gifty for our Neice :-)! She had fun & got some cute cute threads!

I snapped some pics of Mall Holiday Cheer! We got somewhat use to Southern Cali over the top Holiday Decorating Glitz! Our Mall was on the sparse side as far as decorating bling bling goes! But I managed to get some Holiday Cheer nonetheless!

Jessica Simpson Holiday Pinks & Orange! So Retro Holiday 60's colour!

Fossil Display in Macy's! So right on!

JC Penny Fun Hat Poster! We don't actually wear these in Florida!

Little Holiday Tabletop Tree Bling!

Bow luv luv!

Holiday Pins w boxes that ring peppermint twist! Me luv luv things that don't need to be wrapped!

Luv the bronze sequin bling bling top! And the reflection is kewl!

So it will probably be another six months till I see our Mall again & I can't say I'll miss it!


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