Prescription for Holiday Bliss Part #2

Holiday Bliss???

Sounds like contradiction!

Here's some of my tips

First I recommend:

-Remembering that luv luv can feed u like no Christmas Cookies can no matter how good! Since sugar cre8tes havoc in the body I recommend opting for Stevia, Succanet & Agave for the go to holiday baking & eating!

-Give the gift of experiences. A yearly Zoo Membership, A weekend Yoga Retreat, Cooking Classes!
No need for scurrying from store to store beating traffic & long lines!

-Cre8te your home a peaceful Holiday sanctuary! Soy based Essential oil Cinnamon, Pine, Chocolate or Vanilla, Candles. Also simmer on the stove cinnamon, clove in hot water for fragrant home bliss.

- Bring Nature into your home. Pinecones, Acorns, branches, etc to decorate and cre8te connection to the outdoors.

-Take time to read, watch holiday movies, sip chai tea & do fun organic spa treatments (Facial, Feet & Hand Treatments, etc)

-Make up a batch of Salt Scrub. Organic Coconut Oil & Himalayan Salt mixed in glass jar.

-Try holiday "giving" meditations. Such as chanting OM for twenty minutes in repetition.

-Continue on w your yoga, Pilates, etc routine. Make sure not to let busyness of the season interfere with your routines!


-Being consciously aware that our energy can relax others, bring peace & calm into their life. And if we embrace bliss & share it w others that to me is the true Celebration of the Holiday Season!


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