Smilebox Fun!

I guess I'm probably the last person on Earth to find Smilebox?! Well I was looking for a way to do fun stuff w my photo's, ya know add words, seasonal graphics, etc. I likey Smilebox cause the have a iPhone App which is super easy peasy to use and adds custom touch to my Instagram pics making them custom cuties!

For the holidays I did these:

This one I did using iPhone App... Adding the snow & snowflakes & Happy Holiday font!

This I did on my laptop. They had so many designs to choose from!

This is our Holiday Card. Hubby likes being in background! He thinks it's cute! This can be a cute card video or just jpg. Also could be put on DVD! I'm just using it to send in emails!

So definitely a Pass on pass or fail scale!

Cruise on over to Smilebox, put on some holiday music, make yourself some hot cocoa w peppermint! Then have some Holiday fun fun!


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