What happened in 2011?

What we accomplished this year

-go my VW Red Bug
-celebrated 12 years of recovery
-got a iPad
-moved back to Fla
-moved into Apt across street from beach (we even have little view of beach!)
-went to school to be a HHA
-worked for a agency for 6 months
-had lots of beach dates!
-learned how to design leather wrap bracelets
-Fine tuned my pic taking skills!
-got over 400 followers on Twitter
-came addicted to Instagram
-another addiction Pinterest
-snagged a Pilates Malibu chair
-started doing manifestation meditation few times week
-committed to 100 pieces of jewelry design challenge (took 3 months)
-found new client on my own became Self Employed
-had blog & brand redo
-started Gerson Therapy
-started sponsoring blogs
-lost 12 pounds
-started weekly blog posts
-did lots of Holiday DIY's
-made advent tree
-celebrated 9 yrs of a adventure called marriage
-committed to being more serious w my Etsy Bizz
-did quite a few giveaways
-had some fun weekends away w hubby
-started juicing more
-connected w other bloggers & new friends
-reconnected w my father, his wife, my youngest brother & his Fam, and my mom
-reconnected w Tony's Niece & SIL
-enjoyed another year w karma & zen zen
-enjoyed our blessings amidst some real trials!
-Tony the Gourmet Organic had time to create & bake for us!
-scored vintage for my wardrobe TY Etsy

I know theirs more stuff! But I think that's enuff!
Now for 2012!!


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