Yes I do luv Jewelry! TY Very Much!

And not just my gorgeous jewelry (if I do say so myself!) hubby got me some beautiful real & costume jewelry!
He so knows me!

First up i received a incredibly dainty & sweet white gold chain w precious little white gold balls! The chain really sparkles! I luv dainty necklaces! It was given to me to go w the white gold & channel set diamond heart I got 4 my 9th anniversary a few weeks earlier! The chain that came w it was just way to thin & we were worried it may break!

I also got for Christmas a pair of gorgeous white gold earrings w three diamonds on each earring! Their light & dangly & gre8t 4 everyday!

I luv that hubby went all over town to find the perfect chain & earrings! And since he hand picked them how can I not luv luv them! He's a diamond himself!!!!!

Now I get to show u'all the costume jewelry piece he let me pick out online & he paid for it!
It's from Jewelmint.
Let me preface this by saying: I'm not huge on latest trends or being part of what everyone else is doin as far as fashion, etc! I do my own thing TY Very Much! :-)

BUT I actually LIKEY some of Jewelmint's pieces! I know their mass produced, not OOAK and not Handmade! I get that! I do shop on Etsy 99% of the time when I buy something! So Jewelmint is a truly unique LIKEY for me!

I found a piece I would wear during Holidays, Valentines, our Anniversary, etc! It will be my go to piece to doll up my sparkly look!!!
It's a Art Deco piece in antique gold w Rhinestones. It's of course statement bracelet ( I adore bracelets!) and it's rather big & fits nicely! I've actually been wearing it w my new silky Japanese influenced pj's! It feels likey I've stepped back into 20's and need a curly bob to top the look off!

Also I really luv luv their presentation of the bracelet! Kewl box w ribbon, open it up & little card to tell u about the piece, then they also include a velvet drawstring bag to hold ur piece w Jewelmint stamped in glitter & a little silver-plated tag saying Jewelmint! Total class!

I'm going to rethink my packaging although it is quite nice & I don't have that kinda dough right now to invest in such gorgeous packaging it does make me realize more & more how important packaging is!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can live w/o new season clothing but give me jewelry everytime!

I believe Liz Taylor had right idea! She "trained" (ok he wanted too but I'm just sayin) Richard Burton to obtain the most beautiful Jewelry available @ that time for her...
And she adored it & him for doing it!
I'm off to watch Cleopatra where their incredible luv affair started!

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