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My Life in a Instagram

Week full of 75 degree sunny beach weather, new haircuts, visiting family, 2012 designs and them changes...oh them changes...

Hmmm Sun looks likey a heart!

Mega "Winter" Sun!

Our Fountaine we look out to at nite & hear the soothing sounds!

The sky from my sunroof!

Beach Dayz all week long!

Newest unfinished designs!

My new bob cut that totally works with my wavy, curly hair. Finally a cut that works with the crazy hair of mine! Blonde sunny highlights to come!

Latest pic of my packaging! Yes I include a shell necklace from "our" beach!

Using one of my Instagram pictures to make a new Sponsor Ad!

Them Changes....
We are at a crossroads in so many areas of our lives, and I know were not alone.

I'm grateful for the choices and decisions we will be making in the next few weeks.
Not easy ones but ones we need to meditate on, pray on, and trust in as we move forward to our destiny..

I believe that rest, lots of good food, water, meditation, sun & movement helps me to ass…

Easy Peasy Weekly DIY

This week I wanted to share a lovely DIY that will help you drown those winter blues (right down the drain)! Since I've been doing Esthetician related work for almost ten years some of my DIY's reflect that! And this time of year alot of peeps get a bit sad since sun is hiding & weather is cold! I'd luv to give everyone a piece of Florida Sunshine followed up with side of warm balmy breezes! So since I can't the next best thing is a luxurious quick & easy moisture infused Spa treatment!

This treatment is great one evening when you've had a long day & need something to change that vibe! You should come out of this treatment refreshed & renewed and drink lots of water to flush out all the toxins!

There's a great book I read as a kid In the 70's (even then I was into this stuff!) by Beverly & Vidal Sassoon A Year of Beauty and Health

Totally recommend it!

Ok here's today's DIY!


Crafty App of the Week

This App is way too mucho fun! So get ready to get your groove on!

Photo Tropedelic

Is like a Peter Max Design created from your photo's! It's available for iPad & iPhone & so easy and fun to use! Total Pass on this one! $1.99 and worth it IMHO!

You can adjust how many stars, colors, you can do mirror image, gradient, work off the color of the photo or Tropedelic! It's fun also because you can stop it at almost any point & save photo to your pics!

Here's info from the Tropedelic Website:

Select the amount of detail from clean simple lines to
intricate layers of pattern.
•Color Selection
Choose the PhotoTropedelic color palette including
bright pinks, blues, yellows, and greens, or
generate intensified true to life colors.
•Color Variety
Select the number of colors you want in your final
•Line Width
Choose no lines, or desired width.
Use these features to add “Pop” to …

Keepin it Real

Or getting real, making it real, being real, etc.
I haven't been and need to rat myself out big time!
No longer am I ashamed or embarrassed of my inadequacies... At least at this moment today.

My fears are:
Financial Insecurity
Being Alone
Getting old
Others dying
Losing Control

I'm not in control of most of the above, hence my inadequacy.
And the root of most of my fears.

I'm not free in my mind. I'm prisoner of all that I fear.

I wanna be free.
I need to be free.
I deserve to be free.

Are u Free?


My Life in a Instagram

This is a bit late, since it should read last week instead...
After being horribly sick w bad bad tummy flu I kinda missed out on such things as blog posts & photo snapping!

So good to be part of the living my friends! And to be back in the world of creating!

This is where I spent alot of time this week! And changed sheets & bedding way to many times! It's our Ikea Platform bed with Hippie bedding..We got it FREE (bed frame that is) on Freecycle in Huntington Beach, Ca!

Our gorgeous lotus flower painting that hangs above our bed! It's huge!

These Holly Golightly Eye Shades worked overtime this week!

Revlon Electric Blue Glitter with big chunks of glitter!

Karma & Zen Zen not very happily enjoying their bath!

Zen Zen asking where is mommy to save me!

Sneak Peak Springtime Designs!

Blog Soup Party (yah I got in) Mix for my partner!

Tony hanging out on Coquina rock on the beach!

Coquina rock showing itself!

Beautiful warm sunny Florida winter beach day!

I haven't …

Easy Peasy Weekly DIY

Here's my latest weekly post of yummy fun!

Why I wanted to do this weekly series?

I dig easy yes I said it Easy, quick DIY's! Something I can accomplish in late afternoon hours while enjoying glass of tea & biscuits (yah right!)...I'm like most of you busy, tired, in a hurry alot of my life, and to be able to create for just the sheer fun of it is renewing, uplifting & reconnects me to what really matters!

Today's Easy Peasy Weekly DIY is Creating a Inspiring Photobook.


-Mixbook Account

I recommend going to this site
You can see the latest groupon $15 for $50 worth of Mixbooks!

-Flickr Account (or upload your pictures to your hard drive)


Once you get your groupon on, go to Mixbook & Start your new project. Choose size, hard or softcover, look thru all the styles & add what you like to layouts, background & stickers. Once you've done that upload your pictures from Flickr or your hard drive ( remember you can't remove the pictures y…

2012 Coming in like a Lion

Or Bad Horrible Tummy Flu.. This is my look the last few days... Bed, Bathroom hit repeat. Today I'm thinking I'll live..
Today is also old Movie Marathon, and lots of Organic coconut water, Distilled water & a bit of organic celery...

I rewatched for 1000s time Breakfast at Tiffany's. I also watched parts of a few other movies, The Last Mile with Mickey Rooney, The Large Rope with Donald Huston 1953 British Movie..Although I've been dozing in-between & during the movies!

Get better thru rest & fluids?

Here's a sneaky peek at my latest 2012 Designs!

Available in my Etsy Shoppe. Ok back to R&R...
Hope you don't get three days of he__ flu.