2012 Go To Word Weekly DIY

Welcome to my new weekly series!! I'm lovin 2012 Already! You?
Ok, did you pick your word yet for 2012?????
Well if not, do! It's really gre8t (me thinks) to have a word I can use as touchstone, a reminder, or to inspire & provoke me perpetually toward my goals!

This is a easy DIY! As I've mentioned I only like easy peasy projects!

Poster board
Glue Stick
Camera Phone (Android or iPhone)
Color copier (or print shop nearby)
FX Photo Studio .99
Phonto Free
Instagram Free

Let's do it!

-Take a few random sky, beach, snow, etc photos with your camera phone,
-Pick your fav!

-using FX Photo Studio App open image. Crop & Click on FX add effect. I chose Color Fantasy & Rainbow 2 to add a nice effect to my Florida Beach Sky! When done save picture to your photos.

-Using the Phonto App open image & chose font and size & add your 2012 Go To Word. You can tilt & add background colour also to the font! Hit save to photos when done!
-Now open Instagram. And click on the photo you dolled up with your word. Pick a filter from all the choices & add to your Instagram library which of course automatically saves the finished pic to your photos.

-If you have a good color printer print out three copies, I did 4x4 size. If no color printer email them to your locale Office Depot, etc, and have them print them in colour.
-Cut out the photos & using your glue stick glue on back of poster board & cut!
-I recommend putting the photo on your bathroom mirror, work space & car. So you are reminder in three key locations of your life! Now Go live your word!


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