Crafty App of the Week!

This is a new weekly series for me!
If you have a iPhone (or android) you can rejoice in all kinds of crafty fun!!!!
I've scouted out quite a few over the years & found some "da kine" crafty app fun!
I'm going to share one a week! If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment!

Today's fun Crafty Bliss App is called: Red Stamp

It's FREE! Total Pass on this App (as opposed to FAIL!) ....


1. Can Add Instagram Cards for .99
2. Most Cards are FREE!
3. Can save them to photos!
4. Can print & send thru mail for cost.
5. Can access Instagram pics!!!!!!
6. Limited only by your cre8tiv guinness!

It's easy Peasy!

1. Take pic with your iPhone and save.
2. Open Red Stamp App
3. Find design that you likey that has a small camera on it (to upload pic!)
4. Hit camera upload pic and upload your pic from saved photos.
5. You can adjust pic by hitting on it.
6. Add your own personal greeting & once your pleased hit save to photos!
7. Thats it! You can also link it with your FB & send greetings (notify you when bdays come up) to your FB Fam!

Here's what I did!

This is how it looks when saved to your photos.
I also used one of my go to apps: Photo Studio FX App to crop, edit, etc!

Then I went further & played with it on Instagram!
Ck them out! Of course it makes pics more square.....

So as you can see this FREE IPhone App rocks out! And I've just touched the tip of the iceberg!!!
Have fun & leave a comment to let me know if you have tried this app and did it Pass or Fail?


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