Crafty App of the Week

This App is way too mucho fun! So get ready to get your groove on!

Photo Tropedelic

Is like a Peter Max Design created from your photo's! It's available for iPad & iPhone & so easy and fun to use! Total Pass on this one! $1.99 and worth it IMHO!

You can adjust how many stars, colors, you can do mirror image, gradient, work off the color of the photo or Tropedelic! It's fun also because you can stop it at almost any point & save photo to your pics!

Here's info from the Tropedelic Website:

Select the amount of detail from clean simple lines to
intricate layers of pattern.
•Color Selection
Choose the PhotoTropedelic color palette including
bright pinks, blues, yellows, and greens, or
generate intensified true to life colors.
•Color Variety
Select the number of colors you want in your final
•Line Width
Choose no lines, or desired width.
Use these features to add “Pop” to your images:
•Star bursts of vibrant colors radiating to the heavens.

•Psychedelic Stars, Circles, and Magic Fairy Dust!

•Yin/Yang Auto-mirror.

•Border reduction brings detail to the center.

Here's some samples of what I did!




After! Nice? Huh?







After! Two different styles!

So I think you get the vibe of this way kewl App! I plan on playing with it for a long while!!!!


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