Easy Peasy Weekly DIY

Here's my latest weekly post of yummy fun!

Why I wanted to do this weekly series?

I dig easy yes I said it Easy, quick DIY's! Something I can accomplish in late afternoon hours while enjoying glass of tea & biscuits (yah right!)...I'm like most of you busy, tired, in a hurry alot of my life, and to be able to create for just the sheer fun of it is renewing, uplifting & reconnects me to what really matters!

Today's Easy Peasy Weekly DIY is Creating a Inspiring Photobook.


-Mixbook Account

I recommend going to this site
You can see the latest groupon $15 for $50 worth of Mixbooks!

-Flickr Account (or upload your pictures to your hard drive)


Once you get your groupon on, go to Mixbook & Start your new project. Choose size, hard or softcover, look thru all the styles & add what you like to layouts, background & stickers. Once you've done that upload your pictures from Flickr or your hard drive ( remember you can't remove the pictures you chose to use till after they've published the book!) FYI Mixbook doesn't have you upload any software to your computer!

My Mixbook I did for this DIY is softcover and called 2011 My Cre8tif Bliss Life.
I chose to include all things that encompass that, home decor, journaling, living at the beach, etc!

I decided on this theme because I'm aspiring to be creative in all areas of my life! And by being able to browse the book I made reminds me how far I've come in that area! It can also be uplifting, renewing to look back in a fun, personalized way & helps to get my creative spark lit (if I need it).

I of course use alot of my Instagram pics, but I also like to use sayings, slogans, ads, etc that impacted me the past year!

Here's a mini look into my book....

Cover of my Mixbook.... I chose my new blog header I luv!

Fun Instagram & more pics! Creative decor, and doggies (do u see what I see?)

Uplifting and awe inspiring "vintage pics" of me...reminder of truly blissful moments!

My mantra last year! Let's have fun! Reminding me its a lifelong one!!

Journal journey! New journal I started when we moved back home! Luv the sunglasses sticker?

From one Bizz design I likeyed to newest one I luv luv! Don't settle! Luv flip flop sticker?

I obviously used Beachy backgrounds, stickers! You may chose woodsy, or wintery, or something just completely you!

Have fun! I did 30 plus pages in a few sittings! Enjoy it! Or get it done at once! I added borders, text, backgrounds on backgrounds so it took me longer! They ship pretty fast & I think you'll be happy with result! High quality glossy paper!

I also made a journal! I'm waiting to get it & I'll show pics when I do! I used the different lined paper background & background pages that looked like crumpled paper as well as few inspirational pages thrown in every so often!

Be as creative as you want! But if you just wanna get it done, they do have random auto feed to fill your book for you!

Also I am aware of Blurb & the fact they do Instagram picture books! It's just more mula & not enough customization for me!

I know easy right? And creative? And fun??? Make it your own! Like your life!!


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