Easy Peasy Weekly DIY

This week I wanted to share a lovely DIY that will help you drown those winter blues (right down the drain)! Since I've been doing Esthetician related work for almost ten years some of my DIY's reflect that! And this time of year alot of peeps get a bit sad since sun is hiding & weather is cold! I'd luv to give everyone a piece of Florida Sunshine followed up with side of warm balmy breezes! So since I can't the next best thing is a luxurious quick & easy moisture infused Spa treatment!

This treatment is great one evening when you've had a long day & need something to change that vibe! You should come out of this treatment refreshed & renewed and drink lots of water to flush out all the toxins!

There's a great book I read as a kid In the 70's (even then I was into this stuff!) by Beverly & Vidal Sassoon A Year of Beauty and Health

Totally recommend it!

Ok here's today's DIY!


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