My Life in a Instagram 2012 First Week

I'm so getting into the groove of 2012! It feels good to start a fresh book, new clean pages, everything begins again.....
My iPhone pics are evolving.... Like all things in life! In 6 weeks I get the new iPhone since I'll be eligible for a plan upgrade. I'm totally looking forward to a gre8t new camera phone! Since I've been using a 3GS for along time!

Here's this weeks pics!

Sporting my Lucky Brand Zen Inspired reversible down vest! It got down to 34 degrees! I luv it! So nice to have wintery weather even if it's only for a few days!

Hard to believe that this is a winter day?! Yep it's 40ish degrees out but it still looks tropical to moi!

Zen asking why are u putting that thing in my face? You woke me up for this?

Our bedroom Buddha Shrine... OM...

My organic, yummy version of ovaltine!

The first Sunset on the Indian River Jan 1st 2012

ok go live ur DREAMS! (my go to word for 2012!)


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