My Life in a Instagram

Week full of 75 degree sunny beach weather, new haircuts, visiting family, 2012 designs and them changes...oh them changes...

Hmmm Sun looks likey a heart!

Mega "Winter" Sun!

Our Fountaine we look out to at nite & hear the soothing sounds!

The sky from my sunroof!

Beach Dayz all week long!

Newest unfinished designs!

My new bob cut that totally works with my wavy, curly hair. Finally a cut that works with the crazy hair of mine! Blonde sunny highlights to come!

Latest pic of my packaging! Yes I include a shell necklace from "our" beach!

Using one of my Instagram pictures to make a new Sponsor Ad!

Them Changes....
We are at a crossroads in so many areas of our lives, and I know were not alone.

I'm grateful for the choices and decisions we will be making in the next few weeks.
Not easy ones but ones we need to meditate on, pray on, and trust in as we move forward to our destiny..

I believe that rest, lots of good food, water, meditation, sun & movement helps me to assimilate this time of shifts, changes..

2012 is certainly proving to be a year of optimal living & shedding of fears!

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