My Life in a Instagram

This is a bit late, since it should read last week instead...
After being horribly sick w bad bad tummy flu I kinda missed out on such things as blog posts & photo snapping!

So good to be part of the living my friends! And to be back in the world of creating!

This is where I spent alot of time this week! And changed sheets & bedding way to many times! It's our Ikea Platform bed with Hippie bedding..We got it FREE (bed frame that is) on Freecycle in Huntington Beach, Ca!

Our gorgeous lotus flower painting that hangs above our bed! It's huge!

These Holly Golightly Eye Shades worked overtime this week!

Revlon Electric Blue Glitter with big chunks of glitter!

Karma & Zen Zen not very happily enjoying their bath!

Zen Zen asking where is mommy to save me!

Sneak Peak Springtime Designs!

Blog Soup Party (yah I got in) Mix for my partner!

Tony hanging out on Coquina rock on the beach!

Coquina rock showing itself!

Beautiful warm sunny Florida winter beach day!

I haven't been to the beach since last week before being sicky... So with this gorgeous weather I'm itching to go ASAP!

Sending you lots of warm sunny Florida vibes!


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