Tresses 2012

I rarely post about such silly stuff as hair but i thought it would be fun & hey its 2012 (i luv saying that!).

Yah I'm thinking maybe, just maybe a change would do me good, mane wise that is....

I've let my hair grow for last year & it's really starting to get longer (for me!). I can pull it back finally without the little wispy's making themselves known.

I had a 70's Shag layered shoulder length cut and now all the layers are growing way out I think maybe possibly, I dunno, I want something more 2012 me!

Here's what I'm thinking...

Ok with bangs obviously! I realize this style was from 2008, but I likey. The inverted bob in Satellite Beach is alive & well, even dare I say a trend! With that being said this isn't exactly the style Mecca of the Universe! But I do like the look, but will the look likey me???

I like the long willowy way the hair hangs in the front... Like all Hippie in front & Business in the back! I'm not sure how I would pull it back for worky (a must!), and if it would be hot to wear my hair like this? It's hot here in Summer & I have physical job!

So I hmmm, haw & look in the mirror (why does my hair ALWAYS look good when I'm considering a change?) and at the photo's and imagine me in that style... I've evened tried pinning the hair in the back up so it "looks" inverted to give me a idea if this is truly what I want....

I'm still unsure so for now NO. But tomorrows another day!


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