30 Day Bead Challenge

My big 30 day commitment for March, is the Fusion Bead 30 Day Bead Challenge.

I'm a bit nervy that I can commit to a full 30 days, but I'm not going to let that stop me from trying!!!!

I know it will be great for "my beading muscle" to grow!

Join Fusion Beads Website in a 30 Day Bead Challenge to Celebrate National Craft Month!

From the Fusion Beads Website:

We invite each and every one of you to take part in our first ever 30 Day Bead Challenge in celebration of National Craft Month! We have come up with fun and creative beading challenges for you to do on each day in March. You can strengthen your beading skills by doing all 30 challenges this month, or pick and choose the challenges that you want to do! With a variety of prompts like “Use a Found Object in a Jewelry Design” or “Finished an Unfinished Beading Project”, you’ll build your beading repertoire in just 30 days!

Ok here I go! I think I'll try & post the challenges daily..... Try bring the operative word here!

- Shanti

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