Easy Peasy Weekly DIY

This weeks DIY will give you a fresh start on your creative space for 2012!

DIY Studio Redo

It's easy no matter what your studio size. You only need to clear your studio and think new adventures & creative energy!

My studio right now is a tiny corner of my living room I've carved out so I have a designated creative area! I've always had a studio wherever we've lived it's a must for moi!

I don't know about you but i've always feel that a new year is new beginnings! And sets the tone for my cre8tif vision/goals!

I recommend you clear everything out of your studio and start with a clean slate!


Cut Out Chipboard Letters
Mod Podge
Glitter paper
Colorful foam letters
Scrapbook paper 12x12
Large cork board
Foam brush
Plain white paper

Layout newspaper
Put plain paper on top
Pick your glitter colors
Mod Podge the chipboard on white plain paper
Shake glitter over letters saturating it
Pick up white plain paper & funnel the glitter back into the bottle

Cut out triangle shapes from glitter paper
Apply foam sticky letters to front of triangle (pendant)
Mod Podge yarn to back of triangles

Pick fav 12x12 Scrapbook paper
Mod Podge cork board thoroughly
Apply paper squares and cut excess
Cut long thin border like pieces and Mod Podge on edges of corkboard for finished look

Put up your fav Artwork, Calender, 2012 Word, Goals, etc!


- Shanti

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