KISS 2012 Baby!

PS this is a original guest post that I did for the lovely blog: Easily Dunn Blog !

KISS 2012

I know we all make resolutions to change, grow, lose, expand, etc! And soooooo many times we make a big long list & by Feburary 1st we become discouraged and lose the momentum that inspired us to make those changes!

My belief is KISS! Keep it simple sweetie! So here's some nice little nudges to get & keep u moving forward!

-instead of a resolution list make a 2012 Top 12 To Do!

 My 2012 Top 12 To Do

-You can then break it down to a Monthly list. That way it's totally doable! And no so stressful, little stepping stones to bigger boulders!

My Feb Monthly To Do list
 Which can be carried over to next month (ahhmm, as I did, hence the X!)

-Pick a 2012 Go To Word. A single word that represents u & what you'd like to embody in 2012!

My 2012 Go To Word 

-Meditate daily! I recommend Wayne Dyer AH Manifestation Meditation. It takes 20 minutes a day. And you focus on what you want to cre8te while repeating the AH sound. It truly works!!!! You can even purchase the App thru App Store  on IPhone or iPad!

-do a DIY with your 2012 Go To Word. Make a piece of stamped jewelry with your word, a painting, drawing or try this simple DIY I posted here

From My DIY

So as you can see this is a simplistic, minimalist way to grow and change without over or underwhelming yourself!

My fav quotes that keep me inspired and I luv using in my Jewelry Designs at

Be the Change from Gandhi
Be Here Now from the Famous Ram Dass Book
 May 2012 be the change you wish for yourself and your life! Now go live your 2012 Word!

Shanti Johnson
Sunshine Bliss
Sunshine Bliss Studio

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