My Life in a Instagram

It's been a bit of topsy turvy few weeks and it seems now to be balancing itself out!! Yah!

We had a wonderful Beach Day Sundae! Karma stayed home since she was itching alot & salt water makes it worse :-(

We walked across the street with Zen and she was in her stride pretending to be a only doggie & getting all the attention!

It's hard to get a good pic of her since she's always in motion!

Zen all hot & bothered by
mommie asking her to pose!

Finally after a zillion pics of her one turns out!

Sandpipers playing on da beach!

Stormy Beach with clouds hiding the sun!

Karma full of Sand (from last week!)

Seagull feather bouquet!

My Clients "backyard" with 3 friendly Seagulls!

Collage of this weeks Instagram pics!

Sending sunny & warm beach weather your way! Kissed w glittery moments of pure joy & bliss!


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