One of those weeks...

Where I feel like.....

-eating Chocolate Chip Cookies all day

-cuddling w doggies till we all start snoring

-things aren't wrong, but their not right

-closing the curtains & keeping the sun at bay

-living in my PJ's all day long

-listening to vintage Johnny & June Cash

-winter never came & spring is way early

-blessed to have such lovely online friends & wonderful clients

-call in sick for mental health day

-read Thoreau & Emerson till my eyes hurt

-re-watch Breakfast at Tiffany's for the 1000 time

-know that my blessings are beyond the stars & galaxies

Ever have one of those weeks? I'm thinking I ate tooooo much sugar thanks to hubby being so sweet & getting us gourmet treats!

- Shanti

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