My Life in a Instagram

What strange trippy week it's been! Started off with a Migraine that just wouldn't quit. All Week Long! RRRRR.....

I've recently been told by a wise man that he had overheard a conversation that Medical Grade Oxygen can take a Migraine away like lickity split! Soooo my Doc is looking into it & I'm pricing oxygen tanks!
I've read that it takes from ten to fifteen minutes of breathing it to get rid of the hideous pain!
Only thing is it only gets rid of cluster Migraines not Aura Migraines.....But if it does it could CHANGE MY LIFE!!!
Fingers & Toes crossed!

-Also this week I got my Bead Soup Blog Party Stash in the mail from my partner!
They are lovely "Bridal Beads" I call them! Gorgeous Pearls, Rhinestone Focal, Crystal Glass Drops, etc! I'll be doing a lovely post highlighting the sweet lady who sent the stash!

-Tony & I committed to daily (almost) meditating this week! Yah!

-75-80 (don't hate me) gorgeous Beach weather!

-Got my new iPhone 4S this week! It was time to renew my contract & I did! This new phone is like having a REAL CAMERA! Awesome pics!

-And last but not least I'm commiting to Feb Photo A Day Challenge!

Beach this week!

New VDay Designs!

Bead Soup Blog Party Sneak Preview!

Zen helping mommy feel better!

Zen wondering what that flash of light is!

VDay Giveaway! Details to come!

Wishing you 75 degrees of Sunny Florida Beach Weather this weekend!

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