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Chaos Doesn't Define Me!

But it sure feels like it right now!

Mr Sunshine Bliss & I aren't feeling very Blissful right now!

Good news is hubby did get the paint & floor done as in today! And not a moment too soon! We move Saturday A.M.!

It's required Hubby to work round the clock renovating the house till wee's hours of this a.m.!

Here's a sneak peek at the kitchen hubby painted! Light Turqouise blue walls & lemon yellow cupboards with Turqouise painted cabinet handles.

Overlook all the cleaning & renovating products on the counter!

One of my BF's works at Ace Hardware so we've been blessed to get a great discount on paint and more!

Ya know Design on a Dime HGTV Show, well our version is more like Design on two pennies!

It goes something like this: Surf Craigslist till you find the perfect amount (sq ft) of flooring and make sure it's something you can work with. Surf Craigslist again for paint. Usually Professional Painters sell off odd lots of paint.
Make sure you can d…

Tangerine Tango Challenge Reveal

A few weeks back, Bonnie of Jasper's Jems put a challenge before us jewelry designers to create a piece featuring the Pantone colour of the year, Tangerine Tango. Ok way my Fav colour since third grade! So this was Easy Peasy!!
This is what I submitted for the Challenge:

I created this piece using my favourite colours, orange & turquoise. These colours remind me of the sun rising over the ocean, I feel so blessed to be able to see every day. This bracelet incorporates my love of nature too.
Cute huh? Different for me! But I dig it... Will I wear it? Me thinks not but it will be up for sale in my Etsy Shoppe later today!

PS don't forget to check out Bonnie's blog for the other designers beautiful reveals!


Taste of Summer

Ok I know I mention Florida Alot on my blog but it's only cause I LUV my home (adopted) State!

So here I go again..... Well I have been playing catch up on all the blogs I follow & it seems like the general vibe in the Northern Hemisphere is that everyone's getting a sneak peak at Summer!
I Luv it! I was born in April so this is a Fav time of the year for me!!!

Here in Satellite Beach it's that time of the year that Spring Break Folx are visiting! And I'm so happy they get to enjoy Bluest Skies, high 70's weather & warm breezes!!

I'm enjoying the Summer Like weather too! I've been to our huge Apt Pool a few times in the last week what a treat!

And I finally found someone who cut my inverted bob to work with my hair! When my hair is layered short it's hmmm.. poodle hair & it's way easy to keep up!

House Update!
Mr Sunshine Bliss has our House ready to paint!!! He's priming it as I type! Next color and then the new flooring!!
We ended up fi…

Color Bliss

TY for all the nice nice nice comments about our new endeavor!
I totally want to share some of the colour choices were going with.. Variation of..

Think Florida Sun, Bluest Skies, Palm Trees & Sandy Beaches with Turquoise waters!

Meyer Lemons, Key Lime Pie, Palm Tree Green & Turquoise Waters! Very Very Florida!

Lagoon Blue, and Shades of Sea Green

Colors of The Indian River Sunset! Luv Pink & Orange together so Sixties!

Our master bedroom is going to be a Pool blue with hint of robins egg...

The rest of the house will be sunset orange, wispher pink, with touches of turquoise....

My Studio will be Flamingo pink, Sun orange & lemon.. with a large Sun spray painted in all three shades gradient style.

Fitting don't you think?

I luv color & brighter the better! And in Florida that's about standard issue!

I can't wait to start painting! Tony's been working his little booty off & painting we will be doing come Monday!

Then new flooring goes in & we go in!


Irish Blessing For You!

- Shanti

Bead Soup Redo!

When I did the Fancy Smancy Bracelet design for Bead Soup blog party I luv'd it!!! So gorgeous! It was a hit!

But after all the hoopla was over I
was like hmmmm is this what I would wear everyday? I mean it truly does rock out in the photos! Truly Hippie Glam at its best!
But I tried wearing it & was a FAIL! At least for me!

Reality is.......
I'm tuff on my bracelets! I have a very demanding job that has broke a bracelet or two in my time! So if I'm gonna wear a bracelet it's gotta be everyday wear durable! Not delicate, and loose & flirty!!!!

So I redid my beloved Bead Soup Bracelet ala Shanti Style!

Here's the original design! Purty!

Flirty, loose & delicate!

TADA! New design a bit stronger w sexy bling luv!

Along side The Claddagh Bracelet

The Dets: (details)
I decided to use heavy curb Silver Plated chain, a large Silver Plated jump ring that I wire wrapped the Bead Soup Pearl in the middle, on the other side I did curvy wrap silver plated wire connector then…

Rollin Rollin Rollin.....

Watch Video for Song Here!!

What is that all about???
Well big news for Mr & Ms Sunshine Bliss is we're moving back into our house in Titusville!

We've been thinking, chatting, wondering, and dreaming about the possibility of being back in a home...
We've lived in beautiful Apartments from Florida to California for the past 4 1/2 years and that's how long we've been renting out our home.
And ya know we're like just dog ear'd tired of it!
I wanna garden, yard for doggies, paint the rooms any color I like, etc!
And finally we made the decision, gave proper notice to our tenants & the process began.. I couldn't even get excited because we've got so much to do before we move in!

Our tenant moved out Saturday. We went Sundae to start the process of renovating. Unfortunately the house was well not to go into detail but not how I would ever live or leave a rental home..

It's a bit daunting that we have three weeks to do major cleaning, repairing, sand…

To Pin or Not that is the Question

Lately I've been reading quiet a few blog posts about Pinterest & deleting your Account...

What???!!!! Really?!!!
Horror, oh the thought of NOT having Pinterest in my life?! I mean come on I get so inspired & happy when I check out the latest DIY's, Jewelry, fashion, etc...,So little time (me thinks I'd need the rest of my waking life!) to do all my fav DIY's I've found thanks to Pinterest!

I've always wondered in the back of my mind if I Repin a photo, DIY, etc how is the original person's work getting credit?
Also when I pin let's say some kewl (I luv old Movies!!) old movie star's photo and pin them onto my board with the Blog address in the link info is that really giving credit to the photo? hmmmmmmm...

Alot of folx who are on Pinterest are deleting their account because well simply put they don't want to get into hot water for Copyright Infringement! Here's Pinterest link on Copyright info. And I kinda see their point...…

Diane's Dream Designs LUV!

I've been so blissed to get to know Diane of Lavender Dreams Blog Fame! She totally is fabulous & She rocks! Did I mention she lives in Florida!! Yahoo!!

Well Lady Di has recently opened her new shop Diane's Dream Designs full of gorgeous I mean GORGEOUS Wristlets & Purses! I'm a Huge wristlet fan from way back I own quite a few!

Well I ordered a lovely Wristlet & Lady Di (my nickname for her!)
served it up piping fresh hot!
I picked The Owl at Night Design! I'm humongous Owl fan from way back!! And can say its my Fav wristlet I own!! I'm in luv luv with it & am nervy about taking it out! It's ThaT nice!!!!

Way beautiful!! Lady Di also sent me some gorgeous purple stone wire wrap earrings & one of her signature lighthouse pouches!! I luv it & earrings!!!
Ok IMHO run don't walk & get yourself one b-i-t-c-h-i-n (sorry I swore) fantabulous wristlet to carry all your lovelies in!!!
PS Diane just posted some fresh goodies!!!

St Patty's "Charming" Giveaway

If you don't already know my fav lady blogger Diane of Lavender Dreams is hosting a lovely giveaway if I do say so myself!

I luv this bracelet! If you can't tell from my designs I'm a big vintage inspired charm bracelet lover!!!!!!!!!!
Imagine the melody it will play on your arm! Jingle Jingle!!

So run on over and try and win this "Charming" bracelet! Get your Irish on!

Good Luck of the Irish!


Organic Spa March/April Magazine FREE

Easy Peasy! You can read it online here!
Enjoy! Warm tea, organic cookies, and in your pj's!
Indulge! You soooooo deserve it!

- Shanti

Bead Soup Blog Party!!!

Come on in! Here's your drink, sit down, relax and enjoy the appetizers!
Hi! Lots of hugs and kisses! I'm Shanti! So glad you stopped by!

Alright let's get this Partay on!
And a Party it is! Confetti and Glitter flying, drinks are being poured, and music's loud hear the beat?!
Can you feel it? I sure can! I am so excited to be able to share my designs for this party day! And be part of this soirée!
PS! More glitter and confetti being thrown (lots of this is gonna happen today)!

Big Thank you and kisses to Lori Anderson of Pretty Things for putting this shebang on again! Let's raise our glasses and give a toast to Lori!

I was randomly (like such a thing even exists) paired with Tracy Mok of BumbleBead Designs! She rocks out Bridal Designs and Pearls are her Thang! Gorgeous work and a groovy lovely lady!

I posted here what my bead soup looked like. Amazing, gorgeous, yummy, elegant pearls, a gorgeous rhinestone focal piece and a rhinestone box closure! Beautiful! Capiche?


Free March Happy Dance Print

Monthly Free Print Download!
I think print this out in 8x10 put in inexpensive frame & display on your mantel!
What easy DIY!
Let's welcome in March!!

Guest Post At Easily Dunn Blog

Jamie of Easily Dunn gave me 5 tuff questions to blog about & I think (I hope) I rose to the occasion!

You are invited to view it here..

- Shanti

30 Day Bead Challenge Day 1

From Fusion Beads website:

Day 1 - Make Earrings
Our first challenge is pretty simple - make some earrings! Make simple earrings or spend some time making those earrings you dreamt about but never gave yourself the time to create!

I made simple earrings cause I'm that kinda grrl! Simpler the better (earrings that is!)

I snagged some antique bronze earrwires and these really darlin antique bronze charms! I dunno I just likey the heart/lock design.. Somewhat unusual & whimsy w touch of sweetness. And SIMPLE! Their for me so that's how I roll!
Day 1 outta the way....


Irish Inspired Jewelry Designs

Yep it's March! And as we who live in USA & Ireland know its the month of all that is Green! Yah!

Being 1/2 Irish I take a wee bit of pride in this month! I don't partake of Green Beer but I do luv to watch me some QVC (largest Importers of Irish Made goods in this country!) and see all the lovely folk from over yonder showing their handmade goodness, playing their inspiring music and telling their wonderful tales! 24 blissful hours of this! It's the only time of the year I watch QVC!

Here's some of my latest Irish Influenced Designs!

Celtic Key Lime Earrings

Lucky Irish Days Necklace

Shades of Shamrock Necklace

Claddagh My Heart Bracelet

Celtic Dreams Necklace

Sweetest Irish Claddagh Earrings

Irish Day Dreams Necklace

Irish Dreamweaver Necklace

More to come as I've finally got all my Irish style charms, dangles, beads in my hot little hands!

Shameless plug: FREE SHIP USA! $5 International with .25 for additional items!

But really I just wanted to share some Irish Luv!