Bead Soup Redo!

When I did the Fancy Smancy Bracelet design for Bead Soup blog party I luv'd it!!! So gorgeous! It was a hit!

But after all the hoopla was over I
was like hmmmm is this what I would wear everyday? I mean it truly does rock out in the photos! Truly Hippie Glam at its best!
But I tried wearing it & was a FAIL! At least for me!

Reality is.......
I'm tuff on my bracelets! I have a very demanding job that has broke a bracelet or two in my time! So if I'm gonna wear a bracelet it's gotta be everyday wear durable! Not delicate, and loose & flirty!!!!

So I redid my beloved Bead Soup Bracelet ala Shanti Style!

Here's the original design! Purty!

Flirty, loose & delicate!

TADA! New design a bit stronger w sexy bling luv!

Along side The Claddagh Bracelet

The Dets: (details)
I decided to use heavy curb Silver Plated chain, a large Silver Plated jump ring that I wire wrapped the Bead Soup Pearl in the middle, on the other side I did curvy wrap silver plated wire connector then i added a few Fire Polished Faceted Silver Grey Czech Dangles, hand sanded and added a hole for the Gratitude charm finishing touches are a OM sign on one end & chunky heart shaped lobster claw on the other!

I likey! Do you?
It's totally my everyday piece!!

And at the very least I still have photos of my beloved Fancy Smancy design!


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