Chaos Doesn't Define Me!

But it sure feels like it right now!

Mr Sunshine Bliss & I aren't feeling very Blissful right now!

Good news is hubby did get the paint & floor done as in today! And not a moment too soon! We move Saturday A.M.!

It's required Hubby to work round the clock renovating the house till wee's hours of this a.m.!

Here's a sneak peek at the kitchen hubby painted! Light Turqouise blue walls & lemon yellow cupboards with Turqouise painted cabinet handles.

Overlook all the cleaning & renovating products on the counter!

One of my BF's works at Ace Hardware so we've been blessed to get a great discount on paint and more!

Ya know Design on a Dime HGTV Show, well our version is more like Design on two pennies!

It goes something like this: Surf Craigslist till you find the perfect amount (sq ft) of flooring and make sure it's something you can work with. Surf Craigslist again for paint. Usually Professional Painters sell off odd lots of paint.
Make sure you can do all the work yourself. And you have a good eye for color design!

Hubby painted the bedrooms all one color from ceiling to baseboard. So you feel like your bathed in that color.

We went with the standard white paint in the bathroom. It's a unique set up. A 1/2 bath, door, shower, door and another 1/2 bath goes into bedroom. It's called a Jack and Jill bathroom! It has gorgeous peach vintage tile that goes up to the side of the walls. And I didn't want the paint to compete with it!

Each of the three bedrooms have a distinct vibe. Studio is Salmon Pink custom made paint color (by hubby!).. Our bedroom has robins egg blue color for the coastal hippie vibe we'll be doing in there. The other bedroom has a light lilac color! There all unique & gorgeous!

Our living room has terra cotta orange walls and white ceiling.

I think we've been able to reinvent the house into a Vintage Inspired Boho Chic Style Design in three weeks........

More pics to come!


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