Color Bliss

TY for all the nice nice nice comments about our new endeavor!
I totally want to share some of the colour choices were going with.. Variation of..

Think Florida Sun, Bluest Skies, Palm Trees & Sandy Beaches with Turquoise waters!

Meyer Lemons, Key Lime Pie, Palm Tree Green & Turquoise Waters! Very Very Florida!

Lagoon Blue, and Shades of Sea Green

Colors of The Indian River Sunset! Luv Pink & Orange together so Sixties!

Our master bedroom is going to be a Pool blue with hint of robins egg...

The rest of the house will be sunset orange, wispher pink, with touches of turquoise....

My Studio will be Flamingo pink, Sun orange & lemon.. with a large Sun spray painted in all three shades gradient style.

Fitting don't you think?

I luv color & brighter the better! And in Florida that's about standard issue!

I can't wait to start painting! Tony's been working his little booty off & painting we will be doing come Monday!

Then new flooring goes in & we go in!

Two week countdown started today. We have to be moved in by April Fools! No jokes for us!

Ever feel like you'd like to stop clock for a week?


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