Irish Inspired Jewelry Designs

Yep it's March! And as we who live in USA & Ireland know its the month of all that is Green! Yah!

Being 1/2 Irish I take a wee bit of pride in this month! I don't partake of Green Beer but I do luv to watch me some QVC (largest Importers of Irish Made goods in this country!) and see all the lovely folk from over yonder showing their handmade goodness, playing their inspiring music and telling their wonderful tales! 24 blissful hours of this! It's the only time of the year I watch QVC!

Here's some of my latest Irish Influenced Designs!

Celtic Key Lime Earrings

Lucky Irish Days Necklace

Shades of Shamrock Necklace

Claddagh My Heart Bracelet

Celtic Dreams Necklace

Sweetest Irish Claddagh Earrings

Irish Day Dreams Necklace

Irish Dreamweaver Necklace

More to come as I've finally got all my Irish style charms, dangles, beads in my hot little hands!

Shameless plug: FREE SHIP USA! $5 International with .25 for additional items!

But really I just wanted to share some Irish Luv!


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