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What is that all about???
Well big news for Mr & Ms Sunshine Bliss is we're moving back into our house in Titusville!

We've been thinking, chatting, wondering, and dreaming about the possibility of being back in a home...
We've lived in beautiful Apartments from Florida to California for the past 4 1/2 years and that's how long we've been renting out our home.
And ya know we're like just dog ear'd tired of it!
I wanna garden, yard for doggies, paint the rooms any color I like, etc!
And finally we made the decision, gave proper notice to our tenants & the process began.. I couldn't even get excited because we've got so much to do before we move in!

Our tenant moved out Saturday. We went Sundae to start the process of renovating. Unfortunately the house was well not to go into detail but not how I would ever live or leave a rental home..

It's a bit daunting that we have three weeks to do major cleaning, repairing, sanding, scrapping, bleaching, painting, tearing out, new flooring, new doors, new new new and we have to pack & move in also!

OvErWhElMeD is a small word for what I feel!!!!!!!
But I realize that my hubby can do most of the work (Thank Gosh!) he has the time right now & I can help on my one day off.

So soon you will see the finished pictures of our renovation! I can't wait to show you! PS I will be getting a Studio Set up in one of the bedrooms! Think hot pink, Tangerine & a bit of Yellow!


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