Taste of Summer

Ok I know I mention Florida Alot on my blog but it's only cause I LUV my home (adopted) State!

So here I go again..... Well I have been playing catch up on all the blogs I follow & it seems like the general vibe in the Northern Hemisphere is that everyone's getting a sneak peak at Summer!
I Luv it! I was born in April so this is a Fav time of the year for me!!!

Here in Satellite Beach it's that time of the year that Spring Break Folx are visiting! And I'm so happy they get to enjoy Bluest Skies, high 70's weather & warm breezes!!

I'm enjoying the Summer Like weather too! I've been to our huge Apt Pool a few times in the last week what a treat!

And I finally found someone who cut my inverted bob to work with my hair! When my hair is layered short it's hmmm.. poodle hair & it's way easy to keep up!

House Update!
Mr Sunshine Bliss has our House ready to paint!!! He's priming it as I type! Next color and then the new flooring!!
We ended up finding a brand new still in the wrapper roll of commercial grade linoleum on Craigslist! It was 600 square feet and we needed 580 sq ft! It has cork in it & is a natural stone color! Came with the glue also brand new. And the glue is less toxic then normal! Linoleum is the most environmentally friendly flooring product! It can be sanded and repaired & the color goes all the way thru! My hubby has been a CEO in flooring for a longgggg time so he knows!

Bestest part??? Mr Sunshine Bliss only paid $200 for the whole dealo!! AmAzInG! And since he knows most aspects of building (he use to have Contractors License!) he knows how to put it in!!
Morale of story? Pray and ask for what you need!

And I pray & hope your getting a Taste of Summer!

- Shanti

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