Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade

This is a tiny sneak peak at the 3pm weekday parade Magic Kingdom offers! We got at the park at 3:10 pm! And were able to buzz over to Frontierland and see the beginning of the Parade! It was AwEsOmE!

This is from Disney's Website:
Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade is a lively musical procession full of Disney Characters in Magic Kingdom theme park.

Minnie lookin GooD!

Alice and the Mad Hatter Haming it up!

Cinderella & Prince Charming looking Gorgeous!

The Castle of Dreams!

So tru dat!

YouTube Video

Snow White quick mini video!

It was a fun way to celebrate my bday! We've got passes for year so expect more pics of other parks!
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may all ur dreams come true!

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