Magic Kingdom Bliss

Yes I live in Florida. Yes I'm only a hour away from Disney and Yes I got a Year Pass to all four parks for my Birthday ( Early Gifty!)...
I LUV Disney... I luv being in a Fantasy for a Day! There's really nothing I don't like about the Parks, EXCePT it's hot, tiring, crowded and usually a very long day!!!

So what and how do I prepare for the adventure?
-Go during the weekday early!
-bring my own water and bottle strap they sell here or get one at the park!

-Wear my Skechers Shape-Ups Women's Slingback Sandal CoMfY!!

-Sunscreen No. 30 on shoulders, face, back, arms, legs & feet! I use a Organic Coola brand.

-Backpack (Hubby carries) with nut mix, extra water and umbrellas
-Just scored these Women's Dri-Balance Racer Tanks from Groupon for $22.00 including Shipping! They keep you dry I ordered one size up to be a loser fit!

-I bring my Studio Waterstone recycled leather pouch for a purse. It only holds the necessities! iPhone, credit card, license and pass! I attached two silver bangles and clasp to it so it's a bracelet!

-Bottoms are Organic Cotton Yoga Capris Wide leg... Way comfy and light.

-I'm not into hats right now, but I'll probably find the purrfect one at the Park to wear!

I likey this one though from Etsy! Selvage Bucket Hat
- I have to wear my Custom Designed Magic Kingdom Charm Bracelet by Moi!

That's pretty much all I prepare and take!
There's a few good iPhone Apps that help with Park Info once your in, but I use the old fashioned map they give you!

Soooo this Wed. We're going again to Magic Kingdom and gonna ride my fav It's a Small World!!! I'll be going a few times while hubby rides Space Mountain!

Any ideas you can add to making a day at a Disney Park blissful?

When you wish upon a Dream....

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