What's in my Purse????

Let's play a little game! Called what's in my purse! Leave a comment with a link to your post and show us what's in your purse!!

My new fav fav purse is from Diane of Lavender Dreams Fame!

Also she's a awesome Seamstress and designs wonderfully gorgeous wristlets and purses!!! Her shoppe is Diane's Dream Designs she's on Vaca right now but put her blog on Google Reader to view her designs when she gets back from North Carolina Bliss!
Ok on with the reveal......

-Diane' Dream Design Wrislet (cute cute cute!)
-My wallet is a Ocean Inspired Drawstring Pouch by Diane's Dream Design
-Alba Organics Passion Fruit Nectar Clear Lip Gloss
-Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Perfume Roll on
-Aubrey's Organic Pink Cherry Lipgloss
-Bath & Body Works Dancing Waters PocketBac Hand Sanitizer
-IPhone 4S
That's it! Lite, I know but for everyday it's great! And my shoulder doesn't hurt from the weight of a heavy purse!
What's in your purse?

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