Wrapped, Stacked & Layered Challenge: REVEAL!!!

Today is the big Day for all of us who joined in on the Arm Candy Train! Ok the reality is I luv bangles, beads and bobbles..
And when I was growing up there was a cart inthe Lansing Mall called that! Ok it was the 70's and all.......

My luv of Bangles, beads and yes bobbles(whatever that is) came from early childhood. I couldn't get enough bracelets,and loved layering them! In the 70's that was the norm, pretty much! And sinceI am Half Italian I guess the Gypsy spirit comes thru my blood. I can't think of a day I don't layer bracelets.. And usually they have significant meaning to me... And help remind me of the bigger picture whenever I get caught up in the details! LoL!

So this Challenge was such a natural for me. Not going out of my comfort zone and sometimes that is just so ok! After our huge move and remodel on the house all in short order I need to be groovin in that zone, for a bit at least!

So without further ado......
This is where my head is at right now Bangle wise that is!

This Stack of goodies starts with my Freshly designed Custom Sober Life Bracelet being I'm in recovery I working on some really kickin Wonder Woman Type Sobriety Bracelets! Ya feel the Power? Next up I had to give homage to Vintage and my new town Titusville. It's a local find that came my way this past week... Rhinestone Luv baby! Followed by my Be the Change Hamsa Luv Design Bracelet. Silver plated goodies that represent my spiritual walk! Always gotta include the Classic Beaded Chain Wrap bracelet design. Waxed Linen color is fuchsia with a silver tiny beaded chain. Next is my totally out there pay homage to Macrame Leather Bracelet with Blingy Rhinestone large holed bead goodness, and in my humble opinion the piece de la resistance my newest creation this week (maybe something to do with going to Magic Kingdom yesterdayvibe?) Silver plated When you wish upon a Dream Bracelet Charmer, the back of the bracelet has a wishbone silver plated, small deep gray briolette silver wrapped and a silver dangle heart.. All kinds of Charming! 

Now this look is all subject to change..As with everything in life! I created a few of these designs just for the Challenge and a few a while back. I tend to design and sell bracelets over any other style of jewelry cause of my luv for them! I like you can see them and use them as a touchstone if need be (which is usually daily btw!)....I luv my necklaces and earrings but I have to do the whole mirror thing or look down and pull on the necklace to really dig it.... Oh the whole I wanna enjoy the adornments as much as everyone else who gets to see them! 

Now click on everybody else's blog and see the whole Arm Candy Train GOODNESS! So many dang talented folks who rock out with design! And goodness.......

Shout out to Tracy Statler of makebraceletsblog.com For putting this whole shabang together! You are so talented and I have been digging your blog for quite a while!

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