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Beach Gypsy Dreams Unveiling!

Man when something hits my heart I'm a goner! It's like zoweeee this is the direction and away we go!

Aka: the ideal for Beach Gypsy Dreams came on Tuesday when a Sales Rep mentioned she could get my goodies in a few choice Hotel Gift Shops on the Beach!
Within a week I've got over a dozen new designs that resonate with the vibe! And it all came so easily!
And yes I'm one of those peeps who kept it quiet until I researched available .coms, blogs, etc.
I first thought the name Beach Gypsy but well there's a website, twitter acct., Etsy, etc. already in play.
Then while staying a few nites in hotel getaway in Orlando, and when i finally got to relaxing the last part came to me DrEaMs! Cause we can't always "be" a Beach Gypsy but we can have our Dreams of Being one!

Then it clicked... .com, blogger, etsy, gmail, etc.... All available feels meant to be..
So the journey begins with one tiny Splash!!
Check out some of the new designs and let your inner Beach Gy…

Beach Gypsy Dreams

It's a name for my new line of Designs, but maybe more?

What does Beach Gypsy Dreams Mean?

Here's a abbreviated take on each word via the dictionary.

beach[ beech ]
1. an expanse of sand or pebbles along a shore.
2. the part of the shore of an ocean, sea, large river, lake, etc., washed by the tide or waves.

Gyp·sy (jpsy)
1. One inclined to a unconventional way of life.

1. Daydreams; a reverie.
2. Aspirations that are longed for.

So maybe beach gypsy dreams touches u, or just the idea of being free at the beach, no cares, writing memoirs and insights, like Anne Morrow Lindbergh writing Gift from the Sea in Sanibel Island.. BTW One of my most favorite books!
Or just no responsibility for the day, no children, no hubby, just you and the Ocean dancing and playing on the Beach!

Throwing that one around not sure how it's gonna jell with Sunshine Bliss.
I'm toying with the ideal of opening back up our Holistic Spa and we would call it: Sunshine Bliss Studio!

Just a little ReMiNdEr

- Shanti

My Week of Blissful Events!

Yah, ok big secret right? I luv the world Bliss! Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss! :-)
Ok got that out of my system, for now!

This is some of what my week Included:
-Alot of Action
-Not enuff relaxing
-Too many Gluten Free Donuts
-Getting a Rep for my jewelry
-Epcot & Hollywood Studio Fun
-Beautiful Sunsets
-Enjoying the old movie Mame
-Listening to Sweet Charity Movie Soundtrack
-Inspired Ocean themed Designs

I luv Bangles and this one is so Ocean inspired!
Avail in my shop

More Fun Sand Wishing Jar Necklaces! Luv these! Avail here

But this is my fav New piece! Vintage & New... Copper & Brass.. Jonathan Livingston Seagull Luv! Avail Here

We live close to Canaveral National Seashore & Sea Turtles do their thang from May-Oct! This is a tribute! And yah that is a tiny Sun charm hanging near the heart clasp! Avail Here

This is a real beach charmer! Just gorgeous dahling! The Shimmery of these Czech glass beads? Amazzzzing! Avail Here
Expect more Summer/Beach themed designs! Kinda my thang …

Coastal Living "Happiest Seaside Towns"

Ok I Subscribe & LuV Coastal Living Magazine and not just because it usually features Florida beaches, but it's gorgeous to peruse thru on a afternoon off with lemonade & my feet up!

I am going to start sharing some of their nuggets from the Magazine! Hope u likey!!

And I'm a bit bewildered that only two towns in Florida made it!
I've lived in Naples, Fl and it's nice and Jupiter, Fl is nice but their both Affluent areas! and we also lived 2 miles from Laguna Beach! It's again very nice but uber Affluent!

I would Add:
-Treasure Island, Fl
-Satellite Beach, Fl
-Flagler Beach, Fl

But you decide!

Here's the Press Release they sent me:


“In honor of our 15th anniversary, we are excited to share a list of the ‘Happiest Seaside Towns’ in America,” said Editor-in-Chief Antonia van derMeer. “By ranking the top 15 happiest seaside communities, we draw attention to places where life is good and the beach is close by. T…

Epcot Instagram Bliss

We headed 45 minutes inland to Orlando & The world of Magic!
We started at Epcot & it's better then I remember.... Ammmmmazing!! I do so luv Disney.......
I snapped some Instagram Photos. It was a rainy day & I didn't get a bunch a photo's but I tried!

We "Park Hopped" and went to Hollywood Studios Disney Park also! Just a really groovy place!!

It's really a beautiful form of Bliss! Thank You Walt!!!!



Button Swap and Blog Hop

Welcome to my little neck of the woods! I just want to start out with saying Cindy Wimmer Thank you and you RoCk! Seems like only yesterday I signed up for Cindy Wimmer's Button Swap! So awesome of her to have this rather darling event! A Really Fun time me thinks was had by all!

I was partnered up with Rose Binoya here is her Etsy Shoppe and Blog!
She is a very talented Jewelry Artisan with beautiful designs! Luv her style!!!
She lives in a part of California that Hubby and I lived in! Such a small world really?! ReallY!
She sent me some beautiful buttons vintage and new! I totally spaced on taking a pic before designing of her beauties :-(....

She also sent me these beauties:

These are big-leaf maple tree seed beads and a vintage bead Rose wire wrapped into a clasp and a few fun Dragonflies!!
TY again Rose!!
Ok let's get to what you came here for! The designs!!!!

Pink Lemonade Bling Leather Wrap Bracelet

I decided to take the WTF Rhinestone Wrap Design into Su…