Beach Gypsy Dreams Unveiling!

Man when something hits my heart I'm a goner! It's like zoweeee this is the direction and away we go!

Aka: the ideal for Beach Gypsy Dreams came on Tuesday when a Sales Rep mentioned she could get my goodies in a few choice Hotel Gift Shops on the Beach!
Within a week I've got over a dozen new designs that resonate with the vibe! And it all came so easily!
And yes I'm one of those peeps who kept it quiet until I researched available .coms, blogs, etc.
I first thought the name Beach Gypsy but well there's a website, twitter acct., Etsy, etc. already in play.
Then while staying a few nites in hotel getaway in Orlando, and when i finally got to relaxing the last part came to me DrEaMs! Cause we can't always "be" a Beach Gypsy but we can have our Dreams of Being one!

Then it clicked... .com, blogger, etsy, gmail, etc.... All available feels meant to be..
So the journey begins with one tiny Splash!!
Check out some of the new designs and let your inner Beach Gypsy Rock!
I'll soon have them listed in their own shoppe on Etsy!

I decided to Redo the Bracelet I featured in last Saturday's post!

Dreaming of the Beach?

Also redid this design also from last Saturdays post!

Yah U R My Sunshine!

Ocean Serenity Bracelet

Another Redo! This design is from Christmas 2011! Starfish Dreams Anyone?

Sunrise-Sunset Locket!

Starfish Charmer Necklace

Ocean Wishes Necklace!
More to come! Can't wait to share!!
All avail here in my Etsy Shoppe!
It's coming up on Summer soon time to get your Beach Gypsy Dreams on!
Next week..
I'm going to make a fun Summer 2012 Beach Gypsy Dreams DYI list next week!
Also I'll be doing fun little giveaway!

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