Beach Gypsy Dreams

It's a name for my new line of Designs, but maybe more?

What does Beach Gypsy Dreams Mean?

Here's a abbreviated take on each word via the dictionary.

beach[ beech ]
1. an expanse of sand or pebbles along a shore.
2. the part of the shore of an ocean, sea, large river, lake, etc., washed by the tide or waves.

Gyp·sy (jpsy)
1. One inclined to a unconventional way of life.

1. Daydreams; a reverie.
2. Aspirations that are longed for.

So maybe beach gypsy dreams touches u, or just the idea of being free at the beach, no cares, writing memoirs and insights, like Anne Morrow Lindbergh writing Gift from the Sea in Sanibel Island.. BTW One of my most favorite books!
Or just no responsibility for the day, no children, no hubby, just you and the Ocean dancing and playing on the Beach!

Throwing that one around not sure how it's gonna jell with Sunshine Bliss.
I'm toying with the ideal of opening back up our Holistic Spa and we would call it: Sunshine Bliss Studio!
So it's a blanket for a few different bizz's... Beach Gypsy Dreams may just be a branch under Sunshine Bliss Studio if that makes sense?
I'm not sure either! LoL! Scheming and Dreaming that's me.

Why Beach Gypsy Dreams?

We've been blissed to live on the beach, across street from the beach, steps from the beach on East Coast & West Coast respectively!

One of my many dreams is to visit ALL the Beaches in Florida and share photography along the way, Instagram overload!!

The feeling of freedom, carefree, cartwheels, playing and just Being in the Sunshine, finding shells and floatsam & enjoying the water.

And it's a vibe I wanna remember when I'm knee deep in non Beach Gypsy Dreams! Haha!

So yes I am a Beach Gypsy..... And this is my dream. To share it with the world!

I think many of you have Beach Gypsy's Dreams! Sooooo maybe this is the blossoming of Designs to release your Inner Beach Gypsy!

Bracelets clacking and tinkling stacked together on your wrist, long flowy earrings moving with you, dangly luck-key charm necklaces that connect with your soul.. And pretty toe rings, and glittery shimmery anklets. Toes and flip flops in candy colors the smell of coconut oil flows thru the air..

That's A Beach Gypsy Dream baby and maybe that's your dream too?!!

Join me on the journey? First one in the water is "it"!!!
- Shanti

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