Instagram Florida Beauty

Man it's been so beautiful here in Florida!!!! I luv my adopted State! It's really beautiful with all the tropical flora and sunsets!

Sun going down for a Supa Moon kinda nite! I'm very blessed this is my drive home 1-95 Style!

Supa Moon Coming up for a Florida Evening of pure bliss!

My front yard in the Florida rain getting nice and wet

Welcome to our home! This is our front door view! It was pouring rain & so surreal!

Titusville, Florida has lots and lots of Oaks that are over 100-200 years old! Our house has quite a few! It's a olde Florida town that hasn't been touched too much by progress! It's right on the Indian River and you can see the Vehicle Assembly Buildings where Space Center builds Rockets..Tville use to be called Miracle City in the day! It's home to the Kennedy Space Center.. Aka best place to view a Launch & feel it too!

A place where dreams are realized..


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