My Week of Blissful Events!

Yah, ok big secret right? I luv the world Bliss! Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss! :-)
Ok got that out of my system, for now!

This is some of what my week Included:
-Alot of Action
-Not enuff relaxing
-Too many Gluten Free Donuts
-Getting a Rep for my jewelry
-Epcot & Hollywood Studio Fun
-Beautiful Sunsets
-Enjoying the old movie Mame
-Listening to Sweet Charity Movie Soundtrack
-Inspired Ocean themed Designs

I luv Bangles and this one is so Ocean inspired!
Avail in my shop

More Fun Sand Wishing Jar Necklaces! Luv these! Avail here

But this is my fav New piece! Vintage & New... Copper & Brass.. Jonathan Livingston Seagull Luv! Avail Here

We live close to Canaveral National Seashore & Sea Turtles do their thang from May-Oct! This is a tribute! And yah that is a tiny Sun charm hanging near the heart clasp! Avail Here

This is a real beach charmer! Just gorgeous dahling! The Shimmery of these Czech glass beads? Amazzzzing! Avail Here
Expect more Summer/Beach themed designs! Kinda my thang besides Inner Faith Jewelry!

Spiritual Bliss????
I'm really trying hard to stay in gratitude this week! It's extra hard when I feel worn out (I take care of everyone else but me vibe)!
But I'm a work in progress and it seems there's some moving forward in that area of my spiritual life!
I've been putting alot of stress on myself to trying to fit into a mold spiritually that's just not me!

I'm realizing Easy Does it, One Day At A Time & First Things First (AA slogans) really applies here! And today I decided that I'm going to just be ok with my spiritual walk and let GOD guide me, instead of me taking the reins. I don't know where it will lead, and Just for Today (AA Slogan) I'm ok with that.
How was your week?
Did you see spiritual growth in your life this week?

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