Things I'm Afraid to Tell You

There is a very interesting challenge circulating Blogland called Things I'm Afraid to tell you... It is started by Creature Comforts , inspired by a post by Jess LC. The whole idea is to break down the purrfect looking world of Blogsters aka only posting uplifting side of life (which is great but it should be sprinkled with some real honest to goodness realism) and posting some scary truths about yourself!!

I realize that's not everyone's path! And that's ok! I'm in recovery & my gig is to try (I said try) to be transparent as much as I can....

Here it goes..

I'm afraid to tell you.....

-That I struggle with depression
And on days off sometimes sleep all day
-That I struggle with sleeping
and I have most of my life
-I get horrible horrible migraines
and can't do full time Client Care because of it
-I secretly eat chocolate even though I'm allergic to it (causes said Migraines)
-I spent my savings on renovating the house and now am broke and I don't do broke well
-I eat really well and take vitamins but I have a sugar addiction that haunts me

If your interested in joining in leave your list in comments or link to your blog post!

I'm not sure but I think that was liberating.............


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