Monday, June 25, 2012

Purrfect Summer Bliss DIY

Purrfect Summer Bliss DIY

Today I wanted to share some of my tips for Summertime bliss! To keep you relaxed, peaceful & beautiful! For a Summer to remember!

We all know that Summer is for flip flops, swimsuits, pool parties and vacation time!
But it can also be a hectic, stressful, busy time with the children out of school and routines thrown to the wind!!

It's important to take time to relax,
Savor, languish and take in every wonderful, funny, silly, sweet, summer memory that you'll want to embrace and enjoy!

You can try the ala carte version or do each of the suggestions every week!
 Enjoy these easy peasy DIY fun activities that you can do to create more bliss this summer!

*For Yourself*

-take 10-15 minutes everyday to just sit and be. Fake it if you have too. Listen to your breath, start out with some simple deep breaths at first then regular breathing. Close your eyes, imagine your day full of bliss, joy & peace.

-using the Manifestation meditation repeat the Mantra AH out loud for twenty minutes. While you do visualize what you want for this summer. Feel the sound AH coming from your root chakra or groin area and going to your third eye or between your eyebrows. Imagine what you want to manifest coming out your third eye.

-do a one day week raw food menu. Gazpacho soup, cold veggies & dip, fresh fruit platter, fruit juice ice pops, etc. Can also be a weekly menu for a wonderful detox!

-drink 10-14 8 ounces of water daily. With lemon. Will make your skin GLOW!

Draw a bath add drops of lavender oil and cup of Epson Salt with a few strips of seaweed (kelp) & relax. Put the strips of seaweed on your face and relax. Apply Scrub after the bath. Follow with a cool shower after you apply the scrub. End with a few drops of coconut oil applied to the face.

- pick or buy some fresh flowers. Summer's a time for fresh flowers in your home!

-write a letter to your inner child. About your perfect summer. Tell her that you are going to make it come true. Be detailed!

-make daily Icee drinks! Throw ice, aguave syrup, organic chocolate, vanilla coconut milk and blend away! Enjoy! You can easily substitute lemons and distilled water with aguave for Lemonade Icee, or watermelon, etc!

-write a daily simple gratitude list. Before bed or upon waking. 

-when you feel stress taking over take nice even deep breath then count to 10. If that doesn't work look at yourself in the mirror and repeat The Mantra: I'm at peace, till you feel it.

-seriously stressed? I luv scream therapy! It's a wonderful way to release frustration! Do it into a pillow, at the beach to the waves, as you jump into the pool!

-Make a list of your Summer Goals! Write, paint, sketch, draw, glue photos,  etc on a canvas or you can use blackboard paint and draw with chalk!  Put it up on the wall where u can view it often! Cross off what you accomplish!

*For your Family*

-Enjoy Exercise time! Swim laps with them, run on the beach, explore parks, evening bike rides together.

- Freeze Fruit chunks for healthy snacks 

-Put organic juices with Popsicle sticks in ice trays and freeze for wonderful cool treats!

-plan short staycations! Go for the day to a local zoo, u pick fruit farm, picnic at the lake, etc.

-Enjoy backyard fun. Create a firepit and make so-mores and tell fun stories and sing!

- create an indoor fort! Using sheets and furniture! 

-stock up on dollar store crafty supplies for rainy days! Make fun Banners, Art Journal, etc on those not so inviting wet weather days!

- Using your phone and take lots of pictures, post to Instagram and at the end of the summer go to and print out your summer photos in a beautiful book format! To keep forever!

 I hope these suggestions can enhance your life and your families life! Summer is meant to be lived, loved, and enjoyed! I hope you have a wonderful Summer full of Bliss!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

DIY "Emergency" Ocean Inspired Spa Therapy

How's your Summer 2012 shaping up? Mine is very busy with more stress then I want to admit!
I usually only post DIY's that I incorporate into my life! And it's easy peasy is number uno importance to me!

Can't you feel the warm balmy breeze and smell the salt water?!!

List of goodies needed:
Bag of Sea Kelp (dried)
Epsom Salt
Sea Salt
Ocean Inspired Music, App
Coconut oil
Tea Tree
Glass Jar w Lid
Glass Spritzer Bottle
Magical Mermaid Cards iPhone App

That's it!!!!!!

Mix 1 cup sea salt (fine or course ur call) w 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil in glass jar w lid.
In glass spritzer bottle mix 4-5 drops per 8 ounces of tea tree in good ( I use distilled) water.

Draw a hot bath & put 2-3 cups of Epsom salt in tub. Add 5-6 pieces of dried sea kelp (u can put them in a Muslim cotton bag) I usually just put them in tub since they're big pieces.

Turn on some ocean inspired music, I use my iPhone and Sleepmaker Waves App. It has different settings & watery sounds! I luv it!

Large glass of water ( I drink distilled)

Optional: Candle, I have Oceany smelling candles but I don't use them for this.

Do a "Simple Reading" on Magical Mermaid & Dolphins Cards iPhone App (also available as a card set at
Read the affirmation card you choose.

Turn lights down & close the "Spa" door. This is your time!
As you get in say to yourself I release all my worry's and troubles...

Put few large pieces of seaweed on your face & over your eyes.
Wet hair in tub & 1/2 to small cup full of coconut oil massage in your scalp & hair.

Lay back relax for bit.
I usually do 15-20 minutes..

When your ready:
Take seaweed off your face, you will feel a slimy gel on your face! That's good!!

Grab your sea salt/coconut oil scrub when your ready & massage face, hands & feet w it.
Elbows too!

Rinse (turn water back on rinse ur face & hair w cool water) may need cup for this.

Drain tub & Thank ur higher power for healing that's taken place!

Have big fluffy towel ready & robe!

Drink ur water & spritz your face w tea tree spray! Apply a few drops of coconut oil over your face as a moisturizer..

That's it!

I follow this w some Pilates & or Yoga stretches...

RX: Weekly!

- Shanti

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beach Gypsy Dreams Studio

I've been snapping lots of pictures as of late of jewelry, and now my studio.
Since my studio is a signature peachy orange hue, it's HARD as heck to get a good picture in there! But I tried and here are the results!

My Workspace! If it ain't messy I ain't been working! LoL! I find that it's best to let the mess have it's way and realize it's all part of the creative process!

The work table is actually our old built in nook table from our kitchen. It came with the house and is way way heave duty so it's perfect for pounding & forging on!

My studio is actually a small bedroom that I'm blessed to be able to utilize as my studio!
Which brings me to this Disneyesque type quote: Dreams really do come true!

Friday, June 15, 2012

My Summer in a Instagram

Wow it can fassssst here in Florida! One day it was Spring then boom! It's Summer way before the calendar say's so!!!
My week has been ups & downs & testing my emotional fortitude! Some smiles, some tears, some hugs and some fears......

Newest Beach Gypsy Dreams Design.. Going straight to my Sales Rep.

Another New Design!

Sea Turtle Tribute Wrap Bracelet

Day at da Beach Celebrating Nat'l Flip Flop Day!

Stormy looking Summer Florida Weather!

Isn't Canaveral Nat'l Seashore just gorgeous?!! Sigh..

Beautiful Florida Evening Sky!

Tony at Sunrise Bakery!

Me at Cracker Jack's Restaurant on the Indian River!

I picked up a new client who has mid stage Alzheimer's and Dementia. It's a new thing for this client to have a Home Health Aide come in for eight hours a day so it's a challenge at the moment.

It make's me realize that change is inevitable but not always welcome and sometimes can be a messy affair!!!

-On a personal note:
It's such a balancing act lately between being a Carefree Artist & a Responsible (sometimes overly) Home Health Aide juggling different clients w varying personalities & issues and me staying neutral and detached... While also carving out time for my Business, blogging and just every other little thing!

I'm certainly not complaining at all I feel very blessed! I just don't always balance this gracefully!
Like ever!!!!!!

I pray, ask for guidance & take extra Vitamin B Complex! My meditation time I'm trying to stay constant with! Also I'm trying to do lots of water, rest & old movies!!!

Aren't we all just A WoRk in PrOgReSs!!!!!

This weekend brings:
-Homemade Organic Lemon Icee's
-Fun Summer Movie Date
-Magnum PI Netflix Marathon
-Tony's homemade Organic Guacamole Dip
-Evening River Walks with the Doggies
-Wearing my new Summer PJ's
-Summer Novel Reading till the wee hours on my Kindle
-Lots of Worky Worky Worky
-Playing with new jewelry making supplies with a Beach Vibe (hint hint!)
-Catching up on all the yummy Blogs I follow on Goggle Reader!

Here's my note to Summer 2012
Dear Summer,
I welcome you with open arms, a open heart & lottsa Sunscreen!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

White Sands Buddhist Temple

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum!! :-)
No more like on a drive out to see where my new client lives....
In a spot called "Hog Valley", outside of Mims!

Anyway on the rural drive out there we passed the White Sands Buddhist Temple! In the middle of nowhere!!

My husband has great interest and has studied Buddhism over the years, so I knew he would enjoy a visit to their spot of Nirvana! As I luv meditation, this was a nice treat for me!

The Monks and Nuns were gracious and sweet. They had strong Vietnamese Accents but spoke English. They let us enjoy their large Compassionate Buddha and meditation nature spots! It was incredible!!

The Temple with one of the Monks

The Meditation Area all the benches say a word, like forgiveness, breathe, Compassion, etc.

Large Bell!!!

Huge Great Compassion Buddha

Lotus Statue

Huge marble piece with Vietnamese Buddhist Saying

Guardian Lion Statue!

Tony with hands in prayer position

Really nice surprise in middle of nowhere!

Funny if you keep your eyes open and your heart it's amazing what you come across!!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beach Gypsy Dreams Summer Edition

Ahhhh smell the Ocean air? Feel the sand between your toes? And hot sun on your face? Yes it's Almost Summer and I luv me some fun Summer Dreams list!

Beach Gypsy Dreams Summer Edition!

Let Summer BeGaN!!

Canaveral Nat'l Seashore New Smyrna Side
1.-Weekly Canaveral Nat'l Seashore Beach Visits

Our View last year at Algiers Motel!
2.-3 Day Weekday Getaway to Treasure Island at Algiers Gulf Resort

3.-Weekday 3 Day Mini Vacation to Riverview Spa & Hotel in New Smyrna (Hot mineral baths to die for!)

4.-Enjoy lots of Organic Zippy Slushes

My Metallic Candy Pink Kindle Case!
5.-Summer Book Reading (on my Kindle) in our Backyard Hammock

Photo from Creature Comfort Blog
6.-Make some fun Faux Snowcone Garland

Doggies on their Trip from Cali to Florida last year!
7.-River Walks with Doggies

8.-Watermelon Feasts

9.-Buy Yearly Disney WaterPark Passes ( Fla Residents pay $60 yr!)
10.-Weekly Disney WaterPark Visits

Super Duper New Room for $38 a nite during week!
11.-Weekday 3 Day Getaway WorldGate Hotel in Kissimmee

Photo from Smile and Wave Blog
12.-Decorate outdoor Chill Area w Canopy of Twinkle Lights

Needing a Trim Not Summer Friendly :-(

Fresh Trims For Summer Fun Hair!
13.-Regular Shape & Trim Haircuts!

14.- Fresh Frost & Touch Highlights For Summer Kissed Hair! (Hubby is great at this!) it's pull thru the Cap olde school type! Remember?!!

I purposely DIDn't put my Crafty/ Business/Manifesting goals here!
My Beach Gypsy Self is all about the FuN!
Now how about you share your list in comments Plz!
- Shanti

Beach Gypsy Days!

We've been using our Canaveral National Seashore pass like crazy! Monday we went to New Smyrna Side and had blast.

It was empty, quiet, beautiful and sunny!

Then we high tailed it to The Famous JB's Fish Camp!

With wet hair & sand in our flip flops! We sat in the open shaded area and gazed at the Indian River! Food was great as usual!

What a fantabulous Monday! Like going on Vacation for the day!