DIY "Emergency" Ocean Inspired Spa Therapy

How's your Summer 2012 shaping up? Mine is very busy with more stress then I want to admit!
I usually only post DIY's that I incorporate into my life! And it's easy peasy is number uno importance to me!

Can't you feel the warm balmy breeze and smell the salt water?!!

List of goodies needed:
Bag of Sea Kelp (dried)
Epsom Salt
Sea Salt
Ocean Inspired Music, App
Coconut oil
Tea Tree
Glass Jar w Lid
Glass Spritzer Bottle
Magical Mermaid Cards iPhone App

That's it!!!!!!

Mix 1 cup sea salt (fine or course ur call) w 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil in glass jar w lid.
In glass spritzer bottle mix 4-5 drops per 8 ounces of tea tree in good ( I use distilled) water.

Draw a hot bath & put 2-3 cups of Epsom salt in tub. Add 5-6 pieces of dried sea kelp (u can put them in a Muslim cotton bag) I usually just put them in tub since they're big pieces.

Turn on some ocean inspired music, I use my iPhone and Sleepmaker Waves App. It has different settings & watery sounds! I luv it!

Large glass of water ( I drink distilled)

Optional: Candle, I have Oceany smelling candles but I don't use them for this.

Do a "Simple Reading" on Magical Mermaid & Dolphins Cards iPhone App (also available as a card set at
Read the affirmation card you choose.

Turn lights down & close the "Spa" door. This is your time!
As you get in say to yourself I release all my worry's and troubles...

Put few large pieces of seaweed on your face & over your eyes.
Wet hair in tub & 1/2 to small cup full of coconut oil massage in your scalp & hair.

Lay back relax for bit.
I usually do 15-20 minutes..

When your ready:
Take seaweed off your face, you will feel a slimy gel on your face! That's good!!

Grab your sea salt/coconut oil scrub when your ready & massage face, hands & feet w it.
Elbows too!

Rinse (turn water back on rinse ur face & hair w cool water) may need cup for this.

Drain tub & Thank ur higher power for healing that's taken place!

Have big fluffy towel ready & robe!

Drink ur water & spritz your face w tea tree spray! Apply a few drops of coconut oil over your face as a moisturizer..

That's it!

I follow this w some Pilates & or Yoga stretches...

RX: Weekly!

- Shanti

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